Finding a Tai Chi Instruction Class in Your Area

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Are you interested in learning Tai Chi? If so, you may be interested in taking a Tai Chi learning class, which is also commonly referred to as a Tai Chi instruction class. When it comes to taking a Tai Chi instruction class, you will need to find a class that is available. These classes can often be found at centers that are sometimes referred to as Tai Chi learning centers. If this is your first time taking a Tai Chi instruction class, you may be wondering how you can go about finding one.

Perhaps, one of the easiest ways to find a Tai Chi instruction class is by using your local phone book. In the back of your local phone book, there should be a section that is commonly referred to as the yellow pages or the phone book’s business directory. A number of Tai Chi learning centers should be able to be found in that section. Try looking under the headings of gyms or fitness. When using your local phone book, you should get the name, contact information, and address of a Tai Chi learning center, one that offers Tai Chi instruction classes to the general public.

In addition to using your local phone book, you can also find Tai Chi instruction classes by using the internet. When it comes to using the internet, there are a number of different approaches that you can take. Perhaps, the easiest would be to perform a standard internet search. When performing a standard internet search, it is advised that you search with the phrase “Tai Chi classes,” or “Tai Chi instructional classes.” If you would like to take a Tai Chi instruction class in a certain area, say Orange County, you will want to incorporate your location into your search. An internet search should connect you with a Tai Chi learning center that has available courses. You should be directed right to the learning center’s online website. Examining this website will give you the opportunity to learn more about the Tai Chi instruction classes being offered.

In addition to using the internet to perform a standard internet search, there are also a number of other online resources that you could use, such as an online phone book or an online business directory. Once you find one of the many online business directories or phone books available, you should be able to search for a certain business, like a Tai Chi learning center, in a certain area, like in Orange County. Your results, from an online phone book or an online business directory, will be similar to what you would find in your printed, local phone book. You should gain access to a Tai Chi learning center’s name, one that offers Tai Chi instruction classes, as well as their physical address and phone number. Should the learning center in question also have an online website, you may also be given a direct link to that website.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways that you can go about finding Tai Chi instruction classes in or around your area. It is also important to note recommendations from those that you know. Should you know anyone who has taken a Tai Chi instruction class before, whether that person be a friend, relative, neighbor, or coworker, it is advised that you ask them for recommendations.

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Young and Healthy Forever? Try Tai-Chi

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Chinese Tai-Chi exercises may have benefic effects on your health by increasing muscle resistance and self-confidence, according to American researchers. If you wish to maintain your health and strong bones even when you`re over sixty, try to include into your weekly workout a few Tai-Chi sessions. The highest benefit will be the reduction of the risk to suffer injuries or fractures.

Researchers compared the results from two groups of people with ages over seventy years old: one group that had for three months Tai-Chi exercises three times per week, and another group that didn`t followed a Tai-Chi workout at all. The experts concluded that the participants who had Tai-Chi exercises showed a remarkable increase of knees resistance, muscle strength, mobility, flexibility, and body balance.

The muscular mass is reducing with up to two percent per year after the age of sixty-five, according to another American study. In order to avoid this unwanted effect of the aging process, you may consider following Tai-Chi workouts.

Tai-Chi promotes a balanced lifestyle, is based on breath techniques, and you may keep your lungs healthy, especially if you have a stressful life or you`re a smoker.

Tai-Chi may also reduce the risk to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. This type of workout may be also efficient in case of people who cannot concentrate enough, or suffer from memory loss.

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Tai Chi for Rheumatic Diseases, Fibromyalgia and MS

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Because Tai Chi improves flexibility and builds muscle strength gradually, doctors and physical therapists recommend it for people with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. The fluid-as-silk movements of this gentle Chinese practice are tailor-made for easing sore joints and muscles.

"There's no doubt that Tai Chi, done properly, can be a beneficial exercise for people with arthritis," says Paul Lam, M.D., a Sydney-based family practitioner and Tai Chi master who designed the Australian arthritis program. "Tai Chi is an exercise almost anyone who can walk can do safely." Dr. Lam began doing Tai Chi nearly 30 years ago for his own osteoarthritis. "Tai Chi takes the joints gently through their range of motion while the emphasis on breathing and inner stillness relieves stress and anxiety."

Peter Stein, M.D., a Greenbrae, Calif., rheumatologist, says he finds Tai Chi especially good for people with fibromyalgia and those with a high level of muscle pain. "People in pain often can't even do yoga," he says. "They need something milder and more soothing, and Tai Chi is very good for relieving pain."

A 10-week study from 1991 that evaluated Tai Chi's safety for rheumatoid arthritis patients concluded that the weight-bearing aspects of this exercise have the potential to stimulate bone growth and strengthen connective tissue.

A 1999 study that looked at people with multiple sclerosis who practiced Tai Chi found that it contributed to an overall improvement in quality of life for people with chronic, disabling conditions.

Given its low impact and evidence that it tends to increase muscle strength and balance, and gives general pain relief, it's a great option for those who experience symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia and MS.

Carolyn Cooper is a certified fitness professional and Energy Intuitive. She is also founder of Tai Chi Flow, Inc., which has produced a series of videos including Tai Chi Flow for Kids, Tai Chi Flow for Pregnancy (featured in Fit Pregnancy Magazine) and Tai Chi Flow for Everybody. Cooper also publishes an e-newsletter called "Living in the Flow" and was a contributing author of the book 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health.

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Tai Chi As a Cancer Treatment

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Tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art. Tai chi is a mind-body, self-healing system that uses mild exercise, meditation, and breathing to improve health and overall well-being. Tai chi has been in practice for many centuries, and now even modern Western medicine agrees that tai chi is an excellent form of exercise that can improve posture, balance, muscle mass and tone, flexibility, stamina, and strength in young adults as well as in older adults.

Tai chi is not a cure for cancer. Tai chi is a complimentary therapy that is often recommended for people who are undergoing conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is important for people who are going through cancer treatments to remain as active as possible. The gentle movements and deep-breathing exercises of tai chi can reduce stress. Reducing stress can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of many heart problems.

Those who promote the use of tai chi say that it helps to balance qi or chi - the vital energy or life force of the body. Balanced qi is said to prevent illness, improve health, and extend life expectancy. Tai chi also is based on the ancient theory of yin and yang and those who promote the use of tai chi for cancer patients say that balancing yin and yang helps patients to achieve inner harmony.

Researchers agree that tai chi can reduce stress and provide the same cardiovascular benefits as moderate exercise like a slower heart rate and lower blood pressure.

Because the physical movements of tai chi are so slow and gentle, it is considered to be the safest form of exercise for older people as well as people who are undergoing rigorous treatments for cancer as well as for many other human ailments like arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and peripheral artery disease.

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