Define TaiChi

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Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese system, translated as the ‘Supreme Ultimate Force’. It is basically a physical exercise of slowly flowing movements that focuses the mind, while conditioning the body. It is said about it that one who practices Tai Chi for 20 minutes a day dissipates stress and reduces stress-related debilities, increases stamina, and strengthens the body and will.

Western sciences are also recognizing its health benefits. Number of Tai Chi classes and program has been set up in almost all-important cities of United States. To locate a class in your community, just contact your local senior center, YMCA or YWCA, health club or wellness center. In this program, you perform a defined series of postures or movements in a slow, graceful manner. Each movement or posture flows into the next without pausing. That is why it is also sometimes called as ‘meditation in motion’.

If a person is trying to improve his general health, he may find Tai Chi very helpful. It is generally safe for people of all ages and levels of fitness. This program is most likely to suit older peoples as compared to yoga or other physical exercises as the movements involved in this program are low impact and put minimal stress on your muscles and joints.

Tai chi is beneficial to both physical and mental health irrespective of your age. Below are some of its benefits:

* It reduces stress and gives you a peaceful mind

* It increases flexibility and improves muscle strength and definition

* It also increases energy, stamina and agility

* It increases the feelings of well-being

* It helps in reducing anxiety and depression

* It also helps in maintaining balance and coordination

* It improves sleep quality

* It slows down the bone loss in women following menopause

* It also helps in reducing high blood pressure

* It improves cardiovascular fitness

* It relieves from chronic muscular pain

* It also improves the working of internal organs

* It helps in better breathing

* It results in more strength and stamina

* It also improves the ability to deal with difficult situations

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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Yoga, Tai Chi, And The State of Zen

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Nowadays, people are so conscious about their health and body figure. Many people regularly visit the gym for weight training, cardiovascular exercise, or to simply have friends who share their passion for fitness. Many fitness gyms offer the latest in weight and cardio-machines. Others specialize in special fitness programs or routines like Pilates, Tae-Bo, Belly Dancing, Hip-Hop Exercises, and even Pole Dancing.

But lately, Yoga and Tai Chi classes have been gaining popularity especially among women and above-40 fitness buffs. These Indian and Chinese methods of meditation and exercise are popular due to the health benefits experienced by those practice them. Many health buffs claim that they now enjoy a stress and anxiety-free lifestyle because of theirTai Chi and Yoga lessons.

Studies show that these kinds of exercise do have beneficial effects on the mind and body. These religious-philosophical movements gave emphasis to the state of Zen. According to Buddhism, the term “zen” refers to the attainment of a stage of “awakening.” This belief was introduced in China by a Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma in A.D. 520. According to studies, people who cling to the teachings of Zen endeavor to achieve “satori” which is also called “nirvana”. “Satori” in general can only be reached through a meditation called “zazen” which, in turn, leads to a state of mushin or “no mind”. Mushin is the ability to see things more clearly mentally. It means that one's judgment will not be blurred with negative thoughts. Although this belief originated from the south, many Western students and practitioners ofYoga and Tai-Chi are satisfied with the health and vitality it brings.

Yoga benefits

Practicing yoga increases flexibility because stretching exercises the different tendons, ligaments, and joints of the body. Studies also say thatyoga is probably the only form of activity that massages all the internal organs and glands in the body. These may include the prostate, which according to medical specialists hardly receives stimulation. This massage or stimulation may keep certain individuals from diseases and other forms of illness.Yoga ensures the best supply of blood to the body. This helps detoxify the body of toxins and, in the process, delays aging and renewed energy. Muscles are also toned because of repeated stimulation throughyoga.

Tai Chi benefits

Medical researchers and Tai Chi practitioners claim that immediate benefits occur from day one of practice. These may include a more relaxed and clearer mind. Clinical studies in the US show that improved balance and peace of mind took place after only eight weeks of training. These benefits were immediately evident after performing very simple set of movements taken from differentTai Chi styles. Other benefits of this “soft” martial arts include improved internal organ functions, improved breathing, and better sleep. Additional reports show that people who practiceTai Chi enjoyed improved strength and reduced stress, aside from gaining the ability to better deal with anxiety attacks.

However, people with a history of heart disease, back injuries, and those who have undergone recent surgery should consult a physician before starting aYoga or Tai Chi routine. In general, Tai Chi and Yoga are very effective routines to bring back health and a sense of peace of mind to a devoted practioner. Done properly, these ancient arts of exercise and meditation can help provide anxiety relief and alleviate other forms of stress.

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Tai Chi Kung Fu - Some Authentic Facts

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Tai Chi is a Chinese internal martial art which has a "legendary" history because some sources claim it goes back as far as 5000 years.

Tai chi chuan means Supreme Ultimate Fist or at a stretch, Grand Ultimate Boxing. Tai chi comprises of forms which consist of a number of postures which flow into one another.

When performed fast, tai chi looks just like a kung fu form or even resembles a "karate kata"

The kmain styles of tai chi are Chen, Wu, Yang Sun and Lee. There seems to be variable dispute between different authors and soruces as to which came first out of Wu, Chen and Lee.

Yang style tai chi is probably the most popular style and came from Chen style. Grandmaster Lu Chan Yang establishjed the old yng style which was altered and became the New Yang style by his grandson Yang Cheng Fu.

The yang family style of Tai chi chuan consists of 115 postures, some of which are repeated. The core postures can be learned by firstyl learning the Beijing 24 style which is not a porper tai hi form but came into existence in the last century.

The Chen style consists of slow and fast movements combined again it has an old and new form.

Other styles can be researched on the internet.

In tai chi there are important things one must do to get the most benefit and improve your tai chi. One is to relax the body. this does not mean "let go" as i the Western sense of relax. More it means relax the jpints and lossen the shoulders, especially relax the waist area - this efers to the internal aspects of the waist area which is the muscles which should control the movements in tai chi.

The second important thing is to "clear the mind" clear the mind of all extraeneous thoughts and motion so that it is clean and pure. This will put you in the meditative concentrating state for tai chi practice.

Practice every day and your tai chi and your health will improve, under the guidance of good instruction.

I think it is important that if you are thinking about tai chi to commit to learning it for the rest of your life, no matter what. This is required because tai chi takes more than one lifetime to master, so you will always have something to get better at.

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